Dara Citra Saraswati Tutuko

One of the University of Mereka Malang students was selected to accept the scholarship for International Transfer Credit Program from Indonesia’s Ministry of Education and Culture. The student is got tuition to be used in one semester for supporting her activity in taking courses in other university overseas. Dara Citra Saraswati Tutuko from Architecture program applied for 6 (six) courses in Kanazawa university which include: Survival Japanese 1, Japanese Culture through the Way of Tea, Planning System and Process, Specialized Seminar, Specialized Research, Specialized Experiment. She took the classes online and has gained much new knowledge and experience from these courses even though it is conducted online.

We hope next year there are a lot more students from University of Merdeka Malang taking part in this program and gain many advantages from this program which include but not limited to gaining new knowledge, experiencing different culture, and making new friends in other universities abroad to expand their way of thinking.