Rector’s Welcome Remarks

The era of information technology has brought major changes globally. Terms of acceleration, competition and uncertainty become partners in every progress of life. Dealing with the progress, we have to prepare a lot of things. The most important preparation is to ensure that we are able to be a player and also creators of the future. Referring to that purposes, University of Merdeka Malang as an institution of higher education which has been trusted by public for 50 years, has a commitment to prepare the nation’s youth to be excellent individual, not only ready to be part of the future, but also competent to become the future creators.
We are fully aware that this is not a simple task, but we are confident that
we will be able to go beyond it because we are always supported by great lecturers and dedicated teaching staffs who mostly have been certified as a qualified lecturer. We also have staffs and employees who are ready to provide excellent service, moreover, we are supported primarily by the spirit of creative and innovative young students. The tremendous support we get from the alumni who are very proud of their alma mater and never stop to support the university movement in achieving the goals together to be the world-class university.

Prof. Dr. Anwar Sanusi, SE.,M.Si