Tuition and Other Fees

Students must pay tuition and other required fees by the deadline indicated.

Tuition for 2016 :

FACULTIES & DIPLOMAS STUDY PROGRAMS LEVEL Admission Fee           (in Rupiah)
LAW FACULTY Law Science Undergraduate 16.000.000
ECONOMICS & BUSINESS FACULTY Accounting Undergraduate 15.750.000
Management Undergraduate 15.825.000
Development Economics Undergraduate 13.600.000
Finance & Banking Diploma 3 14.675.000
Accounting & Taxation Diploma 3 13.550.000
SOCIAL & POLITICS SCIENCE FACULTY State Administration Science Undergraduate 14.825.000
Business Administration Science Undergraduate 14.475.000
Communication Science Undergraduate 15.400.000
English Diploma 3 12.250.000
ENGINEERING FACULTY Civil Engineering Undergraduate 16.100.000
Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate 16.325.000
Architectural Engineering Undergraduate 16.100.000
Industry Engineering Undergraduate 16.400.000
Electrical Engineering Undergraduate 16.325.000
PSYCHOLOGY FACULTY Psychology Undergraduate 15.250.000
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FACULTY Information System/ Informatics Management Undergraduate 16.100.000
Informatics Management Diploma 3 13.100.000
TOURISM DIPLOMA Tourism Management Diploma 4 16.050.000
Hotel Diploma 3 15.050.000
Travel Tour Business Diploma 3 15.050.000
MAGISTER Management Graduate 19.500.000
Public Administration Graduate 22.000.000
Law Science Graduate 19.500.000
Architecture Graduate 32.350.000
DOCTORATE Social Science Graduate 99.150.000
Economics Science Graduate 99.150.000

Educational Development Fund is only paid once during the study period. Semester fee is paid every semester: Rp 1.500.000. Re-registration fee is also paid every semester: Rp 250.000. Semester Credit System fee is Rp 75.000 for every SCS.

Payment: BRI on behalf of Yayasan Perguruan Tinggi Merdeka Malang. Account Number: 0344-01-000519-30-8.

Tuition Exemption

Degree students with financial difficulties who are enrolled in the undergraduate or graduate courses are eligible to apply for tuition exemption (full or half) if they demonstrate an exemplary academic record.