Psychology Faculty


  1. Acquire English Training, Computer Applications, Internet and TOEFL.
  2. Various scholarships for outstanding students.
  3. Students have the opportunity to intern at the institute of applied psychology.


KPU Pasuruan, Malang City Department of Education, Government of Probolinggo, PDAM Pasurua, Government of Malang, TP. Primapack, PT. A. Schulman Plastics, PT. Swadarma Means of Informatics, PT. Inti Sukses Lestari, PT. Mensa Binasukses, PT. Ardendi Jaya Sentosa, PT. Indosukses Makmur, Larissa Skin Care, PT. Publisher, PT. Tiga Manunggal Malang East Java branch, NGOs Plato Surabaya Foundation and others.

Graduate Profile

  1. Field of Education (Teacher Guidance & Counseling in schools)
  2. Industrial Sector (HR in major corporations)
  3. Social Affairs (Research & NGO)
  4. Further studies (S2 in state and private universities)


  1. Educational Psychology
  2. Social Psychology
  3. Clinical Psychology
  4. Industrial and Organizational Psychology


Graduation Competency
Able to use a variety of theoretical approaches in accordance with the code of ethics of psychology degree to solve problems in the life of society, both in the normal client, abnormal, individually, or in groups stemming from “unfinished family problems”.