Master Program in Management

Human Resource Management
Financial Management
Marketing Management
Accounting Management
Information Systems Management
Tourism Management
Regional Financial Management
Education Management
Water Resources Management

The time required to study in master of management studies program is 4 semesters and can be completed for 18 months. The maximum credit is 45 semester credits, including thesis credits.

Improvement expertise process and optimization of additional value will be provided besides through a structured program to hone basic or special abilities through research.

1. To produce graduates who have the ability to develop expertise in the field of Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Accounting Management , Information Systems Management , Tourism Management, Education Management, and Water Resources Management that has the ability and professional skills in decision-making or policy.
2. To produce graduates who have the ability to perform research which is oriented to educational process quality improvement and enrichment of the repertoire of science and technology management.
3. To produce graduates who have the ability to apply knowledge and expertise in practices whether in terms of education or any other professional fields.
4. To generate management study program in accordance with good and dynamic governance.
5. To generate cooperation between home and foreign universities, with local
and national governments, as well as with relevant institution within the
framework of sustainability Master of Management.

The matriculation program is held before the Semester 1 lecture. It is a mandatory requirement for every student. Materials for Matriculation: Economics Theory, Business
Management, Statistics, English.