Master program in Architecture


S2ARsitekturArchitecture Graduate Program was founded based on knowledge, technology and art are knowledgeable in facing the challenges of cultural change, technological and economic. the scope of the observed orientation is globalization, which interpreted the concept of connectivity, linkages and integration.

in general, graduates will have the capability of collaborative performance and mastery of information technology as an instrument that is capable of supporting the performance.

The program currently provides 4 (four) concentrations; Architecture Environment, Urban Planning and Region, Project Management and Construction, Sustainable Dwelling.




Students able to develop knowledge, technology and art in the field of study or professional practice of architecture through research with inter or multidisciplinary approach, to be able produce the innovative work that can be accounted through the academic test.

Course offers are:

1st Semester

No. Subject Credit
1 Research/ Thematic Design I 4
2 Theory of Architecture and Environment 2
3 Data Processing 2
4 Specializations I 2


2nd Semester

No. Subject Credit
1 Research/ Thematic Design II 5
2 Architectural Theory of Culture and Sustainable Development 2
3 Research Method 2
4 Specializations II 2


3rd semester

No. Subject Credit
1 Proposal 5
2 Publication 2
3 Seminar 2

4th semester

No. Subject Credit
1 Design Work/ Thesis 6