Doctorate of Social Science

1. To produce graduates who have the ability to develop and update the science, technology and art with a deep understanding of the scientific method approach
2. Generating research, both basic and applied research to solve real problems in terms of social, economic, legal and cultural, as well as for enriching materials in the learning process that is beneficial to improving standards of living, as the embodiment of community service activities.
3. Creating good governance.
4. Drawing cooperation or partnership between PPS UNMER Malang with relevant institutions in attempt to realize the vision, mission PPS UNMER Malang.

This program is consisting of education basic abilities and special abilities as well as research conducted for 3-4 semesters with Semester Credit Units (SKS) a maximum of 52 credits, including the dissertation.

Able to develop and solve the problems of science, technology and or new art in the field of scientific or professional practice through research, to produce creative, original, and tested work through inter approach, multi and interdisciplinary and has Leadership and Entrepreneurship characters.

Maximum semester credit is 52 credits including dissertation. The time required to study in the social sciences doctoral study program is 4 (four) semesters and can be reached less
than 36 months.