Visiting International Village

ubaya-visite-300x226Visiting International Village, Universitas Surabaya, Thursday 5 Feb 2015

The team from OIA of Universitas Merdeka Malang was implementing one of the programs on February 5th 2015, in a form of a visitation to the International Village  which is incorporated in the Office of International Relations, University of Surabaya (Ubaya) Surabaya.

Ubaya International Relations Office, located on Highway Kalirungkut, Surabaya. They have 2 (two) Divisions, which are the Division of domestic affairs and international relations division. Internal affairs division is the division that deals with such domestic cooperation,  specifically in managing cooperation between Ubaya with other domestic universities in the country. Besides, the international cooperation division is in charge of all matters related to international cooperation.

There are uniqueness that owned by the Office of International Relations. Besides they provides information about scholarships of foreign countries like Korea, Europe, Japan and America, there is also a Rollaas cafe which opens for the students and the public. It aims to familiarize the foreign students with surroundings, so they can socialize with the Ubaya students and the general society.

Office of International Affairs in a joint work program with the International village invite embassy Other countries separately put istitusi non-profit or non-profit that provides information services in the field of education and culture in each country. Currently, in the fourth Ubaya six state representatives who join. Among them:  the Australian Education Centre (Australia), the Canadian Education Centre (Canada), Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (Germany). Rolaas Café is a cafe which was established as a forum to familiarize the students with the Ubaya foreign students who come there. OIA Board Ubaya almost entirely of employees, except the director. The director is appointed to lead the faculty OIA Ubaya. The structural are consist of Director which is supervising 4 (four) coordinators, among others, Assistant coordinator for International Exchange, Assistant coordinator for Grant and Scholarship, Assistant coordinator for Administration and Services, and also International Exchange Liaison. They have several routine international partnership activities in each academic year’s programs.