Office of International Affairs University of Merdeka Malang held a Students Mapping for International Activity

kantor_urusan_internasional_mengadakan_sosialisasi_kegiatan_internasional_bagi_mahasiswa_unmer_malang_1456910360To give an idea to the students about international activities, on Wednesday,  March, 02, 2016, Office of International Affairs University of Merdeka Malang conduct the Socialization of International Activities for students which was attended by about three hundred students from various courses.
According Pindo Tutuko, ST., MT., Ph.D as head office of international affairs University of Merdeka Malang, Some international cooperation has been offered, through the cooperation with other university is expected to be an opportunity for students to increase their international knowledge . In connection with that, Pindo Tutuko explains the types of activities may be conducted by the Student Exchange, Comparison Study, double degree, on job training and other activities. University of Merdeka Malang also provides a way for students who want to do a student exchange program through office of international affairs who always help prepare the requirements and inform the international scholarship that can be taken by students who are interested in international activities.
Through this socialization, is expected to increase the interest of students  to participate in international education also prepares human resources  to compete in the era of MEA.