Attending Kopertis VII’s event

In order to improve the quality of education and international collaboration, Office of International Affairs, Universitas Merdeka  Malang sent an academic section (Ms. Wika Yudha Shanty, SH., M.Hum, A.Md) to attend the “Menggalang Kerjasama dengan Institusi, dan Perguruan Tinggi di Perancis”. This event was held on Thursday, March 2, 2015, and located at Kopertis Wilayah VII East Java. The keynote speaker of the event is the Attache of Education and Cultural of France, Mr. Rosa Surya Putra.

The topic of this event is “Marketing Indonesian Higher Education”, he mentioned that Indonesian students rarely choose their studies to France, this event provides a great opportunity and useful information studying in France, as well as   the low cost of tuition fee. Nowadays, The Government of France develope some collaborations in the education and industry in order to increase its economic.

This event helps us to enrich alternative study abroad as well as a good opportunity to collaboration particularly in engineering, economics, and socio-culture. But it doesn’t  rule out the possibility of other majors, such as laws and politics.