2015 Workshop on Urban Planning and Management, Kanazawa (Feb. 27th – Mar. 1st, 2015)

all-3-300x200Sustainable Residential Areas

As cities strive to be adaptable in population change, climate change and the pressures of modernization and globalization, creating  such sustainable residential areas is a key to provide livable environments for inhabitants. Sustainable residential areas provide housing for pleasant and healthy residents, prosperous social and cultural environments, and ensure a productive and motivated workforce for local economies.  In addition, as inhabitants become more diverse and hold their planners accountable for their living environments, their participation in planning is an important topic. This year’s workshop will focus on the aspect of urban planning that create sustainable living areas for city residents over the long term, and also to encourage and accommodate the  residents’ participation in the urban planning of their cities.



 Dates:               Workshop and Welcome Dinner – Friday February 27th 2015

Workshop and Dinner – Saturday February 28th 2015

Kanazawa City Excursion – Sunday March 1st 2015

Location:           Kanazawa University Satellite Plaza, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa, Japan


A student workshop was held on the second day.  This year, the workshop was part of the review process for paper submissions to a special workshop issue of the International Review on Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development journal, 2015.  Authors received feedback on their presentations then, papers were peer-reviewed by Professors at participating universities.


Prof. Zhenjiang SHEN, Kanazawa University

Prof. Mitsuhiko Kawakami, Kanazawa University

Prof. Guangwei HUANG, Sophia University

Program Committee

Mr Yuanyi ZHANG, Kanazawa University

Mr. Zhuo LIU, Kanazawa University

Ms. Tracey TAYLOR, Kanazawa University

Mr. Kyohei HONDA, Kanazawa University



Ms. Tracey TAYLOR,

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