Law Faculty









  1. As the oldest law faculty in Malang
  2. Promoter of advocate education


  1. District courts
  2. Religious courts
  3. High courts
  4. The constitutional court of the republic Indonesia
  5. The commission of corruption eradication
  6. The Judicial commission
  7. Indonesia advocate association (PERADI)
  8. Law Faculty of Newcastle University of Australia

Profiles of Graduates

  1. Excellent graduates in field of legal practitioners
  2. The majority of the alumni become the legal practitioners (advocates, judges, prosecutor and police)


  1. Individual civil law
  2. Business civil law
  3. Criminal law
  4. Law and Development


  1. Able to understand the noble values ​​and principles of law as the Code of Conduct
  2. Able to design the pattern of dispute resolution through litigation process
  3. Able to design products legislation, contracting and civil deed
  4. Able to design, create and manage jobs, especially in the field of legal services and make ethical and moral act and work as a foundation
  5. able to design and provide a legal opinion on the issue of legal advocacy through non-litigation process

Educational facilities

  1. Have the lab of Law (Pseudo Judiciary, Contract Drafting, and Legislative Drafting)
  2. Air-conditioned classrooms equipped with LCD and Multimedia
  3. Digital Library
  4. Hotspot Area + Law Faculty corner
  5. Various scholarships such as PPA, BBM and others
  6. Moot court room

Employment Opportunities

  1. Law enforcement officers: Police, Prosecutors, Judges, Advocates, Legal Consultants
  2. Experts in the field of law institutions: the Council of Representatives, the House of Representatives areas, banking, insurance, government, companies both services and manufacturing