Information Technology Faculty


  1. Very popular study program in East Java
  2. Very satisfying service
  3. Qualified and friendly teaching staff
  4. Application of acceleration education system so that the undergraduate courses can be taken less than 4 years
  5. System of lectures is directly linked to the skills-based problem-solving software.
  6. The system of academic administration and public services that have been integrated on-line
  7. All classes are equipped with multimedia
  8. The latest computer facilities and meet the capacity


Microsoft, Toshiba, Indonesian National Police, Local Government in East Java, Micro ICT, Google Apps, Accurate Accounting Software, Aplikom.

Graduates Profile

  1. Competent in the use of tools and methods in order to design a Decision Support System (DSS), and able to use the operating system, utilities, and programming languages in data processing.
  2. Qualified in solving the problems that arise in information systems and able to speak English to communicate the appropriate profession to international standards.
  3. Innovative in entrepreneurship and communicate his thoughts and engaged in the field independently and in teams, and have the principle of lifelong learning.