Engineering Faculty


  1. Means a complete laboratory
  2. The curriculum is competency-based qualification standards oriented ASEAN University Network (AUN)
  3. The extensive employment opportunities in line with global developments
  4. Subject field relevant to the theory that is taught to hone the sharpness of the analysis and the settlement of the problems of engineering and industry

Jasa Tirta, Pertamina, Department of Public Works in East Java, the Department of Industry and Trade of the Province of East Java, Indonesia Nestle, OMRON Indonesia, Lemjiantek, PT Honda Prospect Motor, PT Paiton, Department of Human Settlements Malang Regency, PT Saving

Graduate Profile
Faculty of Engineering Unmer Malang is mostly professionals and engineers who pursue a career according to their competence. Some graduates work as civil servants (PNS), lecturers, researchers and entrepreneurs.