Economics and Business Faculty


  1. The curriculum in addition to following the standard BAN PT, plus a variety of seed as needed professions and cutting-edge business world, and global character.
  2. The process of learning to student centered learning method, following the high standards of quality and fun. Every Wednesday field trip opportunities available (tuition directly to the companies and college practitioners) and soft skills development
  3. national-certified-educator, professor and doctoral degrees lecturers in sufficient quantities allowing intensive guidance, fun and kinship
  4. The number of alumni, who are many, scattered and achieved in various national and international companies and various departments, enabling extensive networking and job placement of graduates recruited in the campus.
  5. The laboratory is fully equipped, excel and become reference private universities and other state universities.


APMAA (Asia Pacific Management Accounting Association), UNESCO, ILO, UNDP, Oregon University (USA), Murdoch University, Department of Labor, Department of the cooperative, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the FSA (Financial Services Authority), Bank Indonesia, Indonesia  Stock Exchange, IKPI (Indonesian Tax Consultant Association), PPPI (Indonesian Association of Advertising), Sumitomo, limited liability company Gudang Garam, PT Astra International, Bank of Jatim, and Malang Regency and City Government, Public Accounting Firm (KAP Hans Tuanakota and Mustafa, KAP Ladiman & associates, KAP Tanzil & associates, KAP Yan Husada), Tax Consultant Cipta Jasa Tama and others.