Diploma 3 Information Management

Informatic-Management-300x200General overview

Computer and communication technology encourage unlimited global advancement. Furthermore, society can no longer prevent the information stream that becomes more dense and swift. In the 21st century, the role of information management became very prominent to optimally manage the distribution of information. Business world as well as industry absolutely requires apparatus, highly advanced biotechnological equipment controlled by computer. From all a number of educational institutions Diploma-III program, UNMER Malang, is an excellence program that can produce academics and professional employees to comply with workforce market demand.

Learning process for Diploma-III program in information management, UNMER Malang, is designed in integration with experienced teaching staffs supported by modern laboratories.

Accreditation Status

This study program has been accredited according to SK BAN PT No. 003/BAN PT/Ak VI/Dipl III/VI/2006 in June 1, 2006 and the program has been carried on under legal permit of DIKTI(Directorate General of Higher Education).

Diploma-III program in information management, UNMER Malang, has several objectives namely:
–    Preparing the students to be diploma graduates of computing obtaining expertise of information technology supported by management knowledge in order to analyze and design a system.
–    Producing professional as well as academia who are able to compete and to fulfill global workforce demand.

Output excellence
–    Programming language
–    Analyzing and designing information system
–    Computer installation maintenance
–    Operating integrated application program

PC; UNIX, CAD, Computer Network, Office Automaticity, Internet, and English Language.

Potential for Higher Education Enrollment
Diploma-III graduates in Information Management UNMER will have opportunity to transfer their credits to undergraduate program (S1).

Employment Prospect
Graduates of Diploma-III program in Information Management UNMER Malang can work as EDP Auditor, junior programmer, junior analyst, administration staffs supported with computerized facilities, graphic designer and drafter.