Diploma 3 Finance & Banking

Finance-BankingAccording to legal permit from the national accreditation bureau of higher education no. 001/BAN-PT/Ak-1/Dpl/III/2002, diploma-III program of finance and banking was accredited into ‘B’.

Program Excellence
–    Mini Banking practice I & II with LAN system, serving finance transaction and students’ tuition fee payment
–    Syari’ah bank practice
–    Market share practice
–    Internship I (Banking)
–    Finance accounting practice
–    Business statistics practice
–    Finance Management practice I
–    Business computing practice
–    Auditing practice
–    English for Banking and Business practice
–    Internship II (in all industry and service sectors)
–    English Center (EC).

Program Concentration
Diploma III finance and banking program conducts study programs with the following focus:
–    Finance and banking management (convensional)
–    Syariah finance and banking management

Supporting facilities
–    Stock exchange corner as the information media for market share
–    Complete computer laboratory with 100 PCs to support students’ ability and skills to anticipate information technology advancement.
–    A library special for Diploma-III program of finance and banking
–    Mini bank laboratory I & II with supervision under PT. Bank BNI (Persero) Tbk, Malang branch
–    Market share laboratory  with supervision under PT. Bank BNI Securitas
–    Syariah Bank laboratory with supervision under PT. Bank BNI (Persero) TbkSyariah Malang branch
–    Internet as global information provider
–    Air-conditioned classes
–    Comfortable and clean college facilities which feels like home.

Affiliation Program
Diploma-III program in finance and banking has established partnership with the following institutions:
–    PT. Bank BNI 46 (Persero) Kanwil 06 East Java
–    PT. Bank BNI (Persero) Tbk. Syariah Malang branch
–    Indonesian stock exchanges
–    BPR association of Kediri
–    PerbarindoJatim
–    Indonesian Bank
–    Mandiri Bank
–    Jatim Bank

Employment Opportunity
The graduates of diploma-III program in finance and banking can pursue employment at the following sectors:
–    Financial banking institution.
Customer service
Credit analyst
–    All industrial sectors
–    Financial non-banking institution, Insurance, Pawn broker, Leasing, etc.
–    Service and commerce sectors.
–    Other sectors (government and non-governmental sectors).
–    Continuing to further level.