Diploma 3 English

EnglishDiploma-III English, UNMER Malang, obtained  ‘registered status’ according to legal statement from Directorate General of higher Education (Dirjen DIKTI) No. 450/Dikti/Kep/1999 and the permit has been renewed through a legal statement No.3454/D/T/2004.
Diploma-III program in English Language has qualified education practices facilitated with entrepreneurship skills through the following excellence programs:

International Academic Atmosphere
Diploma-III program in English Language UNMER Malang has superiority aspect of obtaining academic international environment. The instructional activities conducted by professional teaching staffs and native speakers. To add, learning system will be emphasized on:
1.    Virtual reality communication which studies English within its original cultural context assisted with some local adaptation.
2.    Independent learning, discipline in friendly situation and being democratic  among students and teaching staffs and the academic environment.

Future-Based Curriculum

The applied curriculum focuses on language skills, namely, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, speaking and writing.

At the beginning of the semester every student is required to pursue an intensive course within a month aiming at providing well-established language grounding to prepare them for advance learning.

According to current employment demand, the English program gives English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses taught by practitioners within their expertise including:
a.    Entrepreneurship
b.    Public Relation
c.    Problem Solving
d.    Marketing
e.    Tourism
f.    Applied Management
Besides, the students are given a minor language program as one of core courses; it can be either:
–    Japanese language (Nihong-go) or
–    Mandarin language

Qualified and Professional teaching staff

The success of graduates is also powered by lectures graduating from local and overseas universities and native speakers who implement ‘Communicative Approach’ as the instructional principle.

Diploma-III in English program also gives OJT (On the Job Training) for six-semester students. The placement will vary; it can be in government institutions or in private sectors. OJT can be a stepping-stone introducing the students toward working experiences as well as future employment potentials. By pursuing OJT, the students have greater chance to be recruited by the affiliated institutions/corporates providing the OJT.

Affiliation Records

–    Bank Jatim Malang and Surabaya
–    PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. Malang
–    Tugu Park hotel Malang
–    Royal Orchid garden hotel and condominium Batu
–    PT. Pelabuhan III Indonesia Tanjung Perak Surabaya
–    Local tourism official, Information and communication in Malang.
–    PT. Bukit Welirang Indah (Finna Golf & Country Club)-Pandaan.
–    Indonesian Entrepreneur Association (APINDO) Malang
–    BungaButik Resort Club, Batu
–    PT. Leces, Probolinggo (Persero).

Comfort Facilities

The diploma program is supported with comfort atmosphere and instructional facilities consisting of:
a.    Air-conditioned classes which are ideal for 25-30 students.
b.    Audio-visual laboratory supported by video cassettes, track records, VCD players, and TV.
c.    Library and
d.    Developing Self Access Room (SAR).