Original Foods

Malang is famous for its various original foods, for example: bakso Malang, Keripik Tempe and Keripik Buah.

Bakso Malang

bakso kota cak man malang bakso-presiden-malang

Bakso Malang (Malang meatballs) is very famous in Malang or even in Java Island. It is made of meat, such as: beef, chicken, fish and pork. Pork meatballs is rarely sold because most of Malang people is Moslem. A portion of Bakso Malang contains meatballs, tofu, siomay and fried dumplings. Some other variants may be added.

Keripik Tempe

tempe_sanan_malang_2 keripik tempe







Keripik Tempe (Soya bean Chips) is kind of food made of soy tempeh cut thin and fried with spices to produce a distinctive taste. Malang is a city that is famous for its Keripik Tempe which has various tastes.

Keripik Buah

keripik buah malang keripik tempe






Besides Keripik Tempe, Malang is also famous for its Keripik Buah (fruit chips). The chips are made from the selected fruits which is then processed to become fruit chips that still retains its original fruit flavor in a different form, for example: the apple chips, jackfruit chips, zalacca chips, etc.