Malang is also famous for the mountains because Malang is surrounded by some mountains, for example: Mt. Semeru, Mt. Kawi, Mt. Arjuno, Mt. Panderman and Mt. Bromo.

Mount Semeru

Semeru    Gunung-Semeru

Mount Semeru is located in eastern Malang. It is also known as Mt. Mahameru. Mt. Mahameru is one of active volcanoes in Indonesia. Its height is 3676 m. There are 4 phases people need to get through to get the peak. They are: Ranu Pane – Ranu Kumbolo – Kalimati – Arcopodo – Semeru Peak. It needs about 4 days to hike Mt. Semeru from the beginning to the top. Ranu Kumbolo is one of the exotic lakes on Mt. Semeru. Besides, there are also other lake such as: Ranu Regulo and Ranu Darungan. The landscape is so beautiful and natural. There is as wide grassland called Oro-oro Ombo and also edelweis in some parts of the mountain. Wild animals are met on the mountain, such as: birds, deer and mountain rats. It is highly recommended not to go to Jonggring Saloko Crater because it sprays toxic gas which is called Wedhus Gembel.

Mount Kawi

Gunung-Kawi kawi

Mt. Kawi is located in western Malang. This is also an active volcano. According to the people belief, the mountain can give luck and blessing for business. Magical atmosphere will be strong for people who visit there. At this location, there are also several shrines which are mostly visited, such as: the old five-root banyan tree, Tomb of Eyang Jayadi and Raden Ayu Tunggul Wati, the offspring of the King of Kediri in 1221 AD. Mt Kawi is also known as The City of Mountains, along the road to Mt. Kawi, people will see the view of typical Chinese architecture. There is also a Temple or Klenteng of Confucius followers to worship.

Mount Arjuno

arjuno Mount_Arjuna

Mt. Arjuno is located in northern Malang. Mt.Arjuno / Arjuna (3339 m) is an inactive volcano and surrounded with mystical atmosphere. Since Majapahit era, Arjuno region has been used as the location of worship. It is proved by the discovery of many heritage buildings in the form of statues and temples believed from the era of Majapahit Kingdom. Ancient and historic sites are mostly found from the foot of the mountain to summit Arjuno. Majapahit relic of worship sites are only found in Purwosari hiking trail, which is precisely of the Tambak Watu Village, Purwodadi Subdistrict, Pasuruan Regency.

Mount Panderman

Gunung-Panderman panderman3

Mt. Panderman is located in northeastern Malang. The distance from Malang is about 20 km. Its height is 2045 m. The mountain is suitable for beginner climbers because the peak is not too high and the path is not too steep. Along the way, climbers will be treated by beautiful scenery and shade of pine trees. The scenery at the summit of Mount Panderman no less beautiful with panoramic views of Mount Bromo. From the top of Panderman, climbers can enjoy the beautiful sunrise in the morning and at night they could see the atmosphere of twinkling Malang and Batu. It is said that Panderman name was taken from the name of the Dutch, Van Der Man, who greatly admired the mountain. To climb Mt. Panderman, climbers do not need to pay any levies. To reach the top of the mountain, the journey only takes about 3-4 hours.

Mount Bromo

Gunung-Bromo Sunset Gunung Bromo

Mt. Bromo is located far from Malang. Bromo is derived from the word Brahma (one of the Hindu Gods). The mount is still active and famous for its beautiful view which attracts tourists from around the world. For Bromo Tengger residents, Mount Brahma (Bromo) is believed to be a sacred mountain. Once a year Tengger Yadnya ceremony Kasada or Kasodo is held at a temple that located under the foot of Mt. Bromo. The ceremony is held at midnight to early morning every full moon around 14 or 15 in Kasodo (tenth) according to Javanese calendar. The mountain is not as big as other volcanoes in Indonesia but has a spectacular and dramatic scenery. From the summit of Mount Penanjakan at an altitude of 2,770 m, tourists from all over the world come to see the sunrise. The scenery is amazing and people will hear only the sound of tourists camera shots while capturing moments that can not be obtained elsewhere.