Historical Buildings

Dutch ever occupied Indonesia. They left many things in Indonesia, especially in Malang, such as: buildings. There are many ancient buildings from the Dutch in Malang which can be used as cultural heritage history tourism assets. Their building heritages are spread in Malang, some of them are: Toko Oen, Balai Kota Malang and Jalan Ijen.

Toko Oen

toko oen toko-oen

Toko Oen sells ice cream and cookies. The restaurant is based on the Dutch, Indonesian, and Chinese tastes and cuisine. Toko Oen building still maintains the old design so visitors will experience old time atmosphere.The interior of the restaurant is indeed a classic style. With rattan chairs, classic tables, tablecloths, and an old piano in the corner of the room bring visitors to the past. Chairs and tables add the sweetness for the restaurant. There are a piano, old radio and engine quaint shops, as well as images of the past on display on the Toko Oen wall .

Balai Kota

126828_620 balai-kota-malam

Balai Kota Malang is one of the Dutch colonial architecture buildings which is located at the Tugu Malang. This building looks attractive and easy to find because it is located in the heart of Malang and becomes one of the icons of Malang.

Ijen Street

ijen-boulevard-3      CFD Malang

Ijen Street or Ijen Boulevard is a green line which is decorated with  Bougenvil flower and palm with the Dutch colonial-style housing. Ijen Street is one of the Dutch architectural heritage that still stands strongly today. Jalan Ijen Regions itself is getting special attention from the Malang government. Ir. Thomas Karsten was a major figure behind the beauty of Ijen Street. Karsten designed Ijen Street in 1914, as one of the landmarks of Malang when it was still under the leadership of the Netherlands. In addition, the Ijen Street is Heritage Public Space, special space for pedestrians who want to history travel. One of the famous buildings in Jalan Ijen is Malang Cathedral. It is famous because first, it is located in the most prestigious area of Malang (Ijen Boulevard). Second, because the Neo – Gothic Europe architecture design. No wonder that the Catholic church which has the original name of the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is a favorite of photographers and architecture observers . This magnificent church was built in 1934 and indeed one of the Dutch colonial heritages along with other buildings located in Ijen. L. Estourgie, Dutch architect who designed the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, originally named this church with the Church of Santa Teresa. In 1961, this church’s name changed its name as known today.


Cathedral Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel