Malang is famous for its beaches. Many beaches are managed well while some of them are still unexplored.

Sendang Biru

pantai-sendang-biru-dan-pulau-sempu           There are some beaches that are famous in Malang, for example: Sendang Biru, Sempu Island and Balekambang. Sendang Biru means Blue (Biru) Water spring (Sendang). It has beautiful sight seeings because of its blue water. Most fish in Malang comes from Sendang Biru because the beach is also famous for its fish auction. Unlike the other beaches that faces Indonesia Ocean, Sendang Biru has small waves. People will be amazed by its blue sea water.


Sempu Island

suasana-pulau-sempu-_120828183437-793           Not so far from Sendang Biru Beach, there is Sempu Island. This is the island that blocks the big waves from Indonesia Ocean so the waves in Sendang Biru are small. To get Sempu Island, people need to ride a motor boat and to get permission from the authorities because the island is a conservation area. Beside enjoying the beautiful views, people can  explore underwater area by diving, or just fish from the island.


Balekambang Beach

balekambang balekambang2

Balekambang Beach is famous for its natural and religious tourism. The beach has beautiful natural scenery and a extensive stretch of white sand. On certain days, Moslem and Hindu people come to Balekambang Beach. The Moslem come to make pilgrimage to the Tomb of Shaykh Abdul Jalil, the first who cleared Balekambang Beach. The Hindu come to Pura Amarta Jati (Amarta Jati Temple) to celebrate Nyepi (Silent Day). They conduct religious rites in the temple. The rites attract local and international tourists all around the world.