Getting your study started


Registration, Enrollment, and Getting Your Study Started

If you are still in your country and wish to study at Universitas Merdeka Malang, you may send an email to our admission officer to get all the information you may need. Please send your questions and inquiries to Our officers will be happy to answer your questions.

If you have already been accepted as a student, have just arrived in Indonesia and are still confused about what to do first to begin your study at Unmer, just come to OIA and meet one of our officers. The Officer will help you register and explain the next steps you need to complete to begin your study. You may also raise any question to him/her about the academic procedures, the university life, as well as about Malang.

Registration for international students should be made at the Office of International Affairs prior to your study. You have to come by yourself since you need to fill and sign several documents. Here you will also have to show your proof of your payment in order to get the registration form with you.

Once you have completed registration at the Office of International Affairs, you will have to go to the faculty where you are registered to study to report your arrival. There you will have to fill in a study plan sheet / Kartu Rencana Studi (KRS). Ask for the KRS Form from Bagian Kemahasiswaan / Bagian Akademik (Academic Divison) of each faculty. After it has been submitted, you are ready to begin your study.

Please note that Unmer requires 75% attendance at lectures in order to sit an exam. During the class you will need to sign an attendance form / ‘Daftar Hadir’.

The schedule and the room of some classes may change sometimes. It is better for you to save some contacts of fellow students in each class so that you may ask them of these changes.