Why Choose Unmer Malang

RektoratFounded in 1964, University of Merdeka Malang is one of the ten biggest private universities in Indonesia with over 9000 students enrolled in a range of programs.

UNMER Malang has established 6 accredited faculties for undergraduate studies. Each offers a number of specialist subjects allowing the students to pursue a highly-regarded degree which is: academically rigorous, well-rounded, flexible and practical.

We also provide students with academic and non-academic facilities which enhance learning experiences. All the facilities have been integrated with students’ body and organization to maximize students’ involvement both in academic and non-academic activities.


The programs offered are:

Doctoral Program

  1. Doctorate of Social Science
  2. Doctorate of Economic Science

Master Program

  1. Master of Management
  2. Master of Law
  3. Master of Public Administration
  4. Master of Architecture
  5. Master of Accountancy

Undergraduate Program

  1. Faculty of Law
  • Department of Law Science
  1. Faculty Economic & Business
  1. Faculty Social & Politics
  1. Faculty of Engineering
  1. Faculty of Psychology
  • Psychology Department
  1. Faculty of Technology & Information
  1. Diploma Tourism
  • Diploma of Tourism Management
  • Diploma of Hotel Management
  • Diploma of Travel Management